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​“The US Marines have a philosophy  about “staying the course” and that is what Marie has done for me and my organization. I was fresh off of buying out my long term partner and filled with big ideas and not enough time, resources or patience to get where I wanted to go. Marie was instrumental in assisting myself and leadership team in clarifying our vision, creating a strategy to get there, implementing tools to keep us on track and making sure we have fun along the way. Her experience in growing a company quickly and smartly along with exposure to hundreds of businesses working to do the same is a fantastic asset to anyone looking to scale up and raise their game”.

Gretchen Hopp Doyle, CRM,CIC

President, Baker-Hopp & Associates

"Marie encourages and challenges us to work through the difficult aspects of growing our business keeping our eyes focused on where we want to go.  Her knowledge of the strategic planning process makes our time together efficient and effective with action items that we can easily and immediately apply to MOVE".  

Elaine Economou 
President & CEO, MOVE Fitness & Wellness

"Working with Marie as our Business Strategist has truly transformed how I manage business operations.   Her background in rapidly scaling organizations has helped Security Vitals avoid many of the common pitfalls of accelerated growth.  As part of our leadership team, Marie provides a blend of first-hand experience and balanced demeanor that eliminates much of the “volatility” that occurs with organizational growth and change; she has been instrumental to our continued success". 

Rob Cote
President, Security Vitals

"The sessions I have had with Marie have been phenomenal!  The 20-Year visioning activities helped me crystalize what I want personally and professionally.  Specifically it made me realize that I want my life to dictate my role in my business and not have my business dictate my life.  Marie had me participate in a DISC leadership activity that gave me great insight on the top three areas in communication and decision making I should focus on improving.  I wish I had that 15 years ago"!

Kristina Marshal

President and CEO, Winning Futures